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HHIA provides all-inclusive customized horse care with Care Beyond Repair™ 

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Adult Student at HHIA

"I have been taking lessons and attending training sessions for almost a year with Lisa; in addition to gaining strength, balance and confidence, I have found friendship with Lisa, her staff members as well as meeting other riders. A very family oriented facility and Lisa has a wealth of knowledge in the horse world.  Highly recommend for any age, experience level or discipline."

Parent of Riding Student at HHIA

"Incredible teacher. Incredible Environment. My daughter has taken lessons here for almost two years and there is simply no comparison to the other places she had ridden.  Lisa is not just a great teacher.  She is a great person.  She is an incredible role model for my daughter and I am thankful that we have become a part of the HHIA community."

Off-Site Client

"I really appreciate your professional feedback and expertise and I trust you 100% with my horse. I am so grateful you have come to our barn. I love watching you work on the horses - you know so much about them and really care to help them. They do seem to enjoy it also!"

Horse Training at HHIA

"We took our horse to have [rehab], he had an injury, and while he was there she also did some training with him. Before meeting Lisa, we were considering putting [our horse] down because no-one else had any answers about his injury and we didn't want him to suffer his whole life. Lisa assures is that she could do some bodywork with him and he would be fine to trail ride without any pain. We are so glad we had her work with him because he has turned out to be a good trail horse and is happy and not in pain."

Parent of Riding Students at HHIA

"This is the ultimate experience for people who want to learn about horses and their care. Lisa is extremely knowledgeable. She loves her horses and her riders. When I'm there watching my children work with the horses and ride, I'm in a happy place! I'm trying to figure out how to budget so I can learn to ride, too!"

Off-Site Client

"Lisa is truly amazing! In just 2 training sessions she has made a world of difference already in our horses and our confidence as new owners! We are so happy with her methods! She is knowledgeable beyond measure!"

About Us

Educationally Focused Environment

HHIA Farm Proper featuring riding arenas, barns and pasture

HHIA is an educational facility focused on teaching English/Western Dressage, Hunter/Jumper, Cross-Country, Trail Riding, Horse Training and Problem Solving, Herd Hierarchical Behavior, Horse Psychology, Horse Physiology and Biomechanics for both the horse and student. It boasts 2 outdoor arenas with all-weather footing, 2 round pens and over 3 miles of trails.

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Holistic Full Care Boarding


The healthiest horses don't live in stalls, but cannot be left unattended in a pasture either.  We provide the highest quality, customizable, holistic care by allowing our horses to live as naturally as possible on 68 acres while providing the components of care horses need in a domestic environment. We also help owners care for their horses through injuries, surgeries, illnesses and recovery/return to work afterwards: Care Beyond Repair™.

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Training the "Difficult" Horse

Lisa Wynne in a training session with a horse

 HHIA's head trainer, Lisa Wynne has a reputation for her ability to train difficult, scared or aggressive horses through the IDT™ Method, the Measured Response™ & her extensive knowledge of horse behavior. She helps each horse reach their potential as positive members of equine society and as athletes. Horses are brought to her both by outside clients and local rescue organizations.

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Our Partners

Just Strong Clothing


We are focused on quality care for our students and horses alike. Students learn more confidence and empowerment while gaining in physical fitness as they work closely with our horses. Just Strong has found that our mission aligns with theirs! Check out their clothing line and get a 10% discount using this link: Just Strong Clothing  or go to their main website and use discount code: LISAWYN10 at checkout. 

Basic Equine Gut Health


We use Basic Equine Gut Health for each of our new horses as a part of their diet rehabilitation because most horses come to us having been on lower quality horse feeds. We also use it on each of our horses every few years as maintenance for their hind gut. The end result: a healthier gut with healthy bacteria, more efficient use of their forage and feed, faster weight gain and fewer "nuisance" conditions like rain rot, thrush and scratches. You can order yours here: Basic Equine Gut Health

Big River Equine


With great passion and a wealth of knowledge, Sara Allin, APF, RHDP, owner of Big River Equine manages all aspects of horse hoof health including lameness problem recognition and prevention, nutrition guidance and owner education. HHIA appreciates her partnership and skill sets with the wide variety of horses that join us on our property, including arthritic, laminitis, EMS and founder horses. Learn more about our favorite farrier here: Big River Equine.

Bellson Animal Hospital - Dr. Jeff Clinebell


We have used Dr. Jeff Clinebell for our large and small animal veterinary care for over a decade. When we were first searching for our property, we even made sure we selected property within his travel radius! Learn more about his practice here: Bellson Animal Hospital

Med Vet Pharmaceuticals


We use MVP supplements for our herd and love their high quality, performance horse focused products. We use their supplements for arthritis, EMS, laminitis, thyroid issues, ulcers, colic prevention and more. Learn more here: Med Vet Pharmaceuticals

Valley Park Elevator and Hardware


This is our favorite feed store and we've used their services for years. We have changed feeds a few times since we started using them and each time, they figure out how to supply our feed of choice to us! They have a hardware store, garden nursery, provide hay and more! Check out their website here: Valley Park Elevator and Hardware.

They currently provide us with Buckeye Nutrition products, one of the highest quality feed product lines on the market: Buckeye Nutrition  

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