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Educationally Focused Environment

HHIA Farm Proper featuring riding arenas, barns and pasture

HHIA is an educational facility focused on teaching English/Western Dressage, Hunter/Jumper, Cross-Country, Trail Riding, Horse Training and Problem Solving, Herd Hierarchical Behavior, Horse Psychology, Horse Physiology and Biomechanics for both the horse and student. It boasts 2 outdoor arenas with all-weather footing, 2 round pens and over 3 miles of trails.

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Holistic Full Care Boarding

The healthiest horses don't live in stalls, but cannot be left unattended in a pasture either.  We provide the highest quality, holistic care by allowing our horses to live as naturally as possible on 68 acres while providing the components of care horses need in a domestic environment. We also help owners care for their horses through injuries, surgeries and illnesses and recovery/return to work afterwards: Care Beyond Repair™.

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Training the "Difficult" Horse

Lisa Wynne in a training session with a horse

 HHIA's head trainer, Lisa Wynne has a reputation for her ability to train difficult, scared or aggressive horses through the IDT™ Method, the Measured Response™ & her extensive knowledge of horse behavior, she helps each horse reach their potential as positive members of equine society and as athletes. Horses are brought to her both by outside clients and local rescue organizations.

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Holistic Horsemanship Institute of America

6000 Hidden Acres Rd, House Springs, MO 63051, US

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For the safety of our students, staff and

horses, we are not available via phone,

text or email if we are working with 

students or horses.

Boarders are not limited by HHIA hours, 

but are asked not to contact HHIA's owner 

during off-hours except for in emergency 

(i.e. a veterinarian is required).