Holistic Full Care

24-7 Turn Out with Shelter

Horses have the best of both worlds here at HHIA.  They live on pasture and have access to a 40' by 40' shelter.

Evening Feeding/Supplements

Horses are brought in for feed each evening.  Their grain/supplements are customized for each horse based on their needs.

Stalls for Quarantine/Injury

Injuries and illnesses are part of having horses!  If a horse needs to be pulled from the herd or put on stall rest, we have three locations: a stall in the main barn and two quarantine lots, each with a 10' x 12' shelter set up like a stall.  There is an additional charge for long term stays in any of these locations.

By the Numbers

We believe in charging board based on whether or not your horse's needs, rather than charging for the "worst case scenario."  In other words, if you have an older Thoroughbred, you will likely pay more to keep your horse with us than if you have a young Quarter Horse or Morgan.  Below is an explanation of the range in cost.

Base board is $275 per month. It includes 1lb of Buckeye Nutrition Grown 'N Win and 24-7 pasture or hay access.

Easy Keeper Cost Template 

($355 Total)

  • $275 Base Board
  • $70  Two group riding lessons 
  • $10 Probiotic

Hard Keeper Cost Template

($494 Total)

  • $275 Base Board
  • $70 Two group riding lessons
  • $52 Two Addt'l Pounds Grow 'N Win
  • $46 Two Pounds Buckeye Senior Pelleted
  • $51 Three servings Beet Pulp

We also have an array of supplements we use based on the horse's needs and your preferences.  Our partners work to provide us the best possible supplement cost given the large quantities we typically use.  A hard keeper that also needs supplementation for arthritis, EMS and GI issues can cost upwards of $630 a month, including lessons. 

Newly Renovated Barn!

Originally a dairy barn from 1938, our barn and shelter were renovated last year to better accommodate the needs of a horse farm.


Hay Access - We provide round bales year round for the horses that want it in addition to pasture access.  There is a 5' no-climb fence that serves as a slow feeder to the herd.

Water Access - Horses have automatic waterers in summer and heated troughs in winter.

Feed Room Security - The feed room is separate from the barn, ensuring horses cannot break into it.  It is also heated and cooled to preserve feed, supplements and medications.  The room is kept locked at night with an access code lock.

Barn/Tack Room Security - The barn/tack room is kept locked at night.  Boarders are given access to a key.

Our Blanketing Philosophy - We blanket horses in cold rains and under 20 degrees (the point at which horses have to each more to stay warm).  Your horse will need a waterproof blanket.  Most of our horses prefer medium weight.

Metal Shoes - We do not allow metal shoes on the property.  The shoes mess with the herd hierarchy and cause many health issues.  We do allow composite (plastic) shoes.  You can learn more by visiting our farrier's website: Big River Equine.

Fencing - Fencing is mostly polyrope and electric wire.  We are upgrading from barbed wire.  The remaining barbed wire on the property is so old that it is no longer sharp.

Salt Access - Horses are given 24-7 access to loose salt.