Holistic Full Care

24-7 Turn Out with Shelter and 2 Feedings per Day

Horses have the best of both worlds here at HHIA.  They live on 56 acres of rotated pasture, have access to a 40' by 40' shelter, get a nutritionally balanced two meals a day and have regular hay access. 

We believe in the highest quality of care and our feeds are no exception. We use Buckeye Nutrition to make sure horses are getting their multivitamin without requiring additional supplementation. Horses are meant to travel 50+ miles a day and to find their own supplements throughout their day. Modern horse farms, even a large one like ours, can't provide this except for through artificial supplementation. We believe a multivitamin should be the rule and not the exception for basic care in domestic environment and we therefore include it as a part of the base boarding fee.

Morning Feed:  Horses are fed 2lbs of Buckeye Safe 'N Easy in their pastures each morning.

Evening Feed/Supplements: Horses are brought in for feed each evening.  Their grain/supplements are customized for each horse based on their needs. 

We stock the highest quality supplements for our horses and make it easy for owners: simply add the supplements you want to your invoice each month! 

Care Beyond Repair™

We don't leave owners to their own devices during and after injuries, illnesses or surgeries. 

With over 20 years of horse rescue experience, we partner closely with our vet and farrier, but also can administer much non-prescription care ourselves. We understand that horses are rarely healthy for an entire year and that owners have lives outside of their horse, so we are prepared to provide day-to-day care for an injured or ill horse on an as-needed basis. 

Because riding lessons or bodywork are a part of boarding at HHIA, we are uniquely prepared to assist a horse and it's owner through a trauma or illness: we know the horse and it's capabilities and needs  BEFORE something happens, providing a baseline for that horse as a healthy animal.

Once recovered from the initial trauma, we work with the owner to bring their horse back up to par through ground work, mounted exercise and bodywork, all customized for the horse's specific needs. 

If a horse needs to be pulled from the herd or put on stall rest, we have three locations: a stall in the main barn and two 1/2 acre quarantine lots, each with a 10' x 12' shelter set up like a stall with the ability to close their doors.  There is an additional charge for long term stays in any of these locations to cover bedding and extra staffing.

Hay and Water Access

Hay Access - We provide round bales year round for the horses that want it in addition to pasture access. There is a 5' no-climb fence that serves as a slow feeder to the herd. Hay is a fescue/orchard grass blend to prevent insulin spikes when the horses eat. Many horses on our farm came from EMS, laminitis or founder situations and this practice helps us control the herd's overall health.

Water Access - Horses have automatic waterers in summer and heated troughs in winter.

By the Numbers


We have customized board rates based on horse’s needs and lesson packages because we don't believe in unnecessary charges. Most boarders spend $350-$500 total each month for board, additional feed/supplements and lessons:

  • $275 per month base board includes 2lbs of Buckeye Safe N’ Easy.  
  • Most boarders add another 2-5lbs of feed per day  (Provided by HHIA, paid for by boarder)
  • Lessons required unless retiring your horse, then 2 bodywork sessions required.  Packages range from $70 for two group lessons or two bodywork sessions (if  horse retired) to $200 for four private lessons

Facilities & Newly Renovated Barn!

Originally a dairy barn from 1938, our barn and shelter were renovated last year to better accommodate the needs of a horse farm, complete with french drains, waterproof flooring, stall mats, staging aisle for feeding, wash rack, 12’x25’ stall and 2 10’x12’ stalls with small turnout for injuries.  

We have two lighted outdoor arenas (a standard small size dressage arena - 131'x66' and a half size - 66'x50') with all-weather footing, two round pens and over 3 miles of trails.


Feed Room Security - The feed room is separate from the barn, ensuring horses cannot break into it. It is also heated and cooled to preserve feed, supplements and medications. The room is kept locked at night with an access code lock.

Barn/Tack Room Security - The barn/tack room is kept locked at night. Boarders are given access to a key.

Our Blanketing Philosophy - We blanket horses in cold rains and under 20 degrees (the point at which horses have to each more to stay warm). Your horse will need a waterproof blanket. Most of our horses prefer medium weight.

Metal Shoes - We do not allow metal shoes on the property. Metal shoes cause a false herd hierarchy and cause many health issues including, but not limited to preventing the horse's from flexing and pumping blood from its lower legs back into its heart. We do allow composite (plastic) shoes. You can learn more by visiting our farrier's website: Big River Equine.

Fencing - Fencing is mostly polyrope and electric wire. We are upgrading from barbed wire. The remaining barbed wire on the property is so old that it is no longer sharp.

Salt Access - Horses are given 24-7 access to loose salt.