Retirement at HHIA


High Quality Care

We don't believe in putting a horse out to pasture without the right supplements, body work and even light riding to help the retired horse live a long and comfortable life.  We do not require the owner to take riding lessons, but instead require the retired horse to receive 2 bodywork sessions each month while living with us.  Please read the Boarding web page and the Training web page for more details!

Sadye - 32 Years Old

Sadye retired at 26, has arthritis in both front legs and sciatica.  She depends on body work, a highly supplemented diet and short, basic dressage rides to keep her going.

Red - 29 Years Old

Retired from police work at Forest Park, Red Ranger joined us at 25 years old.  She has navicular in both front legs, arthritis in both hocks and a brain tumor behind her left eye that caused what was supposed to be a career ending stroke a few years ago.  With the right rehabilitation (based on how physical therapists handle stroke in people), Red was able to join the lesson ranks again.  She recently lost vision in her left eye, but she won't let that stop her.  She is an active part of our lesson program.

Oreo - 17 Years Old

Oreo has had a rough go of it lately and is recovering from a ruptured ligament in one of his front legs.  This was his second major injury in his life (the other was years ago when he got hung up by his pelvis on a wash rack while running into the barn for dinner at another farm).  The second major injury made it hard for him to recover and left him in pain throughout his body. He has shown great improvement since moving to HHIA where there's lots of space to move and where he gets regular body work.