Horses for Sale

Why We Sell our Rescue/Rehabs

Each rescue/rehab costs HHIA upwards of $10,000 in rehab, training, feed, supplements, specialized hoof care and veterinary care.  We sell many of these rescues for a fraction of the cost of their recovery.  The sale allows us to recoup some costs and gives us the start up funds to rescue the next horse.  

Thank you for looking through this page and considering the horses available.  

We sell them at the current market value given the horse's abilities, temperament, age, health considerations, etc.  Our sale contract includes a right of first refusal back to HHIA.

Vegas - $3000

16 year old POA. 13.2hh. 160lb rider/tack combined weight limit.  Rides dressage and hunter/jumper, trail rides, known to jump to 2' in competition historically, but is doing 18" currently.  Was rehabbed from a broken tail by HHIA in summer 2017 with little to no residual scar tissue.  She is actively in use in HHIA's lesson program.

Ideal for an intermediate rider because she is a "go" pony and likes to play when she does something exciting like a higher jump.  Excellent ground manners, very affectionate, emotionally steady and has not spooked since acquisition for rehab in June 2017.  I am using her with beginner to advanced riders, but watch her closely with the beginners because she is so playful and head strong.

Easy Keeper: Currently lives on pasture, but has also lived in stall/turnout.