Jadan $1500

Tri-colored Spotted Saddle Horse 15.3hh, 21 years old, Gelding

Jadan is a been-there-done-that lesson horse, but he's ready to skip the arena and hit the trails for his "retirement" instead. He's seasoned on trails with people of all ages (3 and up). We do walk with him with younger riders, but only for extra safety. He is very smooth and prefers to stay slow, regardless of gait. He prefers walk/trot, but can canter and rack. He is emotionally sensitive, but doesn't scare easily.

Jadan is an easy keeper. He needs a low sugar diet as he is prone to EMS and Laminitis, but is not medicated and has not had trouble since he joined HHIA 3 years ago. He does well on Fescue/Orchard mix, Buckeye Nutrition Safe 'N Easy and MVP's Anti-Carb supplement. 


Scarlett - Project horse $750

Quarter Horse, 14.3hh, 12 year old, Mare

Cost will increase as training continues.

Current description: Scarlett is a partially trained 11 year old who's is very tactile, loves to be close to people and is gentle, sweet and slow to spook. She is comfortable in a bareback pad and English bitless bridle, but has not yet been ridden. We expect her to be an excellent beginner riding horse once fully trained.

Previous description: Scarlett is an untrained 10 year old from a local rescue organization currently in recovery from her previous home and starting training at HHIA. She wears a halter, leads and ties. She is very emotionally sensitive, defensive, forward and extremely intelligent. She is currently working through understanding that people aren't her predators when they are working with her.


Junior $550

Quarter Horse, 15.3hh, 17 years old, Gelding

17 year old Quarter Horse. 15.3hh. Companion Horse/minimal riding.

 180lb rider/tack combined weight limit.  As a "been there, done that" horse, Junior knows English and Western. He works well in the arena or on trails and is comfortable both with direct reining and neck reining. He is currently mostly walk due to arthritis in his right front knee, but improves in his abilities the longer he stays at HHIA where he is receiving rehab for it. He is snuggly and consistently makes students laugh about how much he likes ground poles.

Ideal for beginner riders.  Moves easily, but not quickly. Would be the ideal "grandchild's horse" for occasional riding.

Excellent ground manners, very affectionate, and emotionally steady.   

Average Keeper: Currently lives on pasture, which allows for movement and is ideal for his arthritis.

See Junior in a Training Session on You Tube


Chief $1200 (HHIA Representing for Owner)

Spotted Saddle Horse 15.3hh, 18 years old, Gelding

Gaited Spotted Saddle Horse gelding. 15.3hh, 18 years old. Excellent ground manners. Safe around kids. Rides English and Western (Neck reins). Worked for 3 years as a lesson horse at Holistic Horsemanship Institute of America before being rehomed within HHIA's network for trail riding. He took beginner to advanced riders as a lesson horse. He is now ideal for trail and will trail ride by himself. Owner is selling because she is downsizing to one horse. 

Strong, but sensitive mentality. He is a willing listener most of the time, but if he doesn't listen, you must repeat, rather than escalate the cue. Does fine with a crop, but no whips. Only needs body language for groundwork. He is also a strong herd leader.

Barefoot and does not need shoes (even for trails) if trimmed with a barefoot method. Easy keeper. Ideal on a low sugar diet (no sweet feed or alfalfa).

HHIA's owner/trainer would like to keep in touch with the new owner to help with the transition as needed and potentially re-acquire Chief if the new owner ever needs to sell him. The only reason she isn't taking him back now is that her farm is at capacity. 

Contact: Ginny Asberry 636.448.7741

Located in: DeSoto, MO


Val - Free based on info below (HHIA Representing for owner)

Coming Soon - Pending moving to HHIA

Val is an untrained, largely unhandled, project horse rescued from a kill auction by her owner.  She is free to a home vetted by HHIA and to an owner who agrees to work with her using HHIA training methods only, under guidance of HHIA head trainer. High level Parelli trainers and other Natural Horsemanship Training methods failed, which triggered her current owner to contact HHIA, whose trainer is making progress with Val.

Age unknown until we can touch her. She is branded, but research is needed to know where she came from. 15hh, black and white pinto, guessing Quarter Horse.

Val does not not allow human touch other than at her nose. HHIA's trainer is using body language and voice to train her. Val knows how to walk, trot, stop and back on cue.