Social Distancing at HHIA

We take COVID-19 very seriously. Thank you for helping us Social Distance!

Special thanks to those who are donating to cover costs required to implement social distancing measures at HHIA!

We will open to boarders, by appointment only, on June 1st and to students on June 15th. We hope to allow boarders unregulated access to the farm by August 1st at the latest.

  1. The tack room is under renovation. It will be divided into 3 sections using stall chains and clips as dividers.  Boarders will be split between two sections and access their section through its own separate entrance.  The third section will house lesson horse tack. Boarders and Instructors will be the only people allowed in the tack room.  No students may enter the tack room.
  2. Collapsible saddle racks and bridle hooks are being installed outside the barn in tacking areas. 1 rack for every 2 horse ties.  If the rack is taken, neither tie is available. This will put more space between students.
  3. All students will be required to wear masks while in or around our barns.  Masks are not required while riding.  We have HHIA masks available in adult and child sizes. Please launder between visits.  We will provide each student with one mask. Additional are available for purchase, if desired.
  4. Students will be required to wear riding gloves while riding.  Please launder between visits. We recommend hand sanitizer, but cannot provide it. Riding gloves are available for purchase.
  5. Each student will need their own clearly marked water bottle.  Anyone who forgets a water bottle may purchase a reusable one from us.
  6. The communal treat box will be eliminated. Each student will receive a personal treat container, which instructors can refill when empty.
  7. Tote bags for easy storage (a good place for gloves, mask, treat container, and water bottle, too!) will also be provided.  Total cost of bag, gloves, mask, water bottle and treat box is $20.  We have not marked up the cost of these items and do not profit off of it.  Anyone willing or able to offset the cost of their bag (or willing to donate the cost of another bag for those who can't afford one), would be greatly appreciated.  This bag is to travel to and from the farm with you and should not be left at the farm for any reason.
  8. We strongly recommend in investing in your own riding helmet, if you don't have one, to keep from sharing germs. Lisa, the head instructor, can help with recommended brand and size if you contact her directly.  Helmets must be ASTM/SEI Certified for horseback riding. A decent helmet is about $50. Some of our students are facing job loss.  Anyone willing to cover cost of purchase for another student, contact Lisa directly and she will arrange the purchase.
  9. Bareback pads will no longer be shared from lesson to lesson.  A HUGE thanks to Best Friend Equine for their help purchasing 10 additional pads.  Each pad will be replaced and disinfected after each lesson.
  10. Reins will no longer belong to individual horses.  Horses will still have their own headstalls. All reins are being retrofitted to clip onto bits.  They will be switched out and disinfected after each lesson.
  11. Horses will no longer have their own lead ropes, but will have their own halters. Lead ropes will be switched out and disinfected after each lesson.
  12. Grooming boxes will be divided by horse and then by lesson. Each horse will have two boxes: a complete set of brushes in one and a stiff brush and hoof pick in the other. They will be disinfected after each lesson.
  13. The barn cat and household dog may no longer be touched. These pets live both inside and outside our home.  Besides not wanting the cat to catch COVID-19, we don't want COVID-19 transferring into our home through them.
  14. Only the student and teacher assigned to a horse may touch that horse during a lesson.  Students may visit with other horses on the farm IF they are not haltered, tacked up or tied. Kisses are highly discouraged.
  15. Students may visit with the sheep and pigs.  Hand sanitizer is highly recommended afterwards.  Kisses are highly discouraged.
  16. No student is to approach the house at any time for any reason. Text Lisa and she will respond when she can.  If there is a VETERINARY EMERGENCY, CALL her and leave a message.  She will respond as soon as she can.
  17. Gates, stall and barn door handles, and the water spigot will be disinfected every evening at the completion of lessons.
  18. If you have a chronic cough or a fever, do not come to the farm. You must not have had a fever within 24 hours of your arrival to the farm.
  19. New signage and labels will help to education and remind everyone of these changes.
  20. While we are sure most people will comply with these social distancing measures because we all want to stay healthy, there must be consequences for any who choose not to comply. Failure to abide by these social distancing measures will result in immediate dismissal from the farm, regardless of remaining paid tuition. Any remaining unused tuition will be considered a donation.

Thank you to everyone for their efforts during this difficult time!